Tantra Cologne, Tantra Massage

we are glad to greet you here at Vinata Tantra Cologne.

Experience relaxation and calmness – these are the main aspects of a tantric massage. Regardless of gender, our harmonic soothing massage techniques deriving from the ancient tantra art will enthuse you.

You willl find new energy and vitalty in a wonderful and unforgettable way. A tantric massage at Vinata is the peak of all wellness massage techniques. It revives, flows through body and mind –  and connects both to one unity. In our practice for meditation and massage here in cologne, you will find stress relief from everyday life in its most beautiful way.

Tantra Massage – for all senses

Feeling the body, experiencing touches, that is probably the most intensive and at the same time most emotional form of communication between us human – we connect well-being and feeling of security. These body intensive touches find its perfection in tantric massages.

The tradition of this sensual massage gives you back the feeling of harmonic balance.

Skilled tantra masseurs, nice ambience, wellness-odor and music – letting go and pausing from everyday life – we fulfill it. Let us lead you into a new world…

The Vinata Tantra-Team Cologne is waiting for you!

Difference between Tantra Massages and Erotic Massages

The tantric massage is based on clear structures and perception about specific trigger points and functions of energy flow. Although the massage also contains erotic elements, the sexual energy that rises during the massage is controlled and guided to conciliate with the feelings and emotions.

On the contrary, an erotic massage is quite dumpy aiming for animalitic sexual relaxation, ignoring the whole body and sensual diversity.

Suggesting that the result is the same is wrong…

The tantric massage is a whole body massage, which yields long-term mental and physical relaxation while the erotics massage’s aim is to serve a short-term sexual satisfaction.

While reading through our website, you will probably see terms like „Lingam Massage“, which means a penis massage.

We try to ease the complexity of terms by placing hyperlinks or using simple words. We don’t take any responsibility for the linked sites.

Lingam derives from sanskrit and means symbol. Within this context it is synonimic with Penis. A Lingammassage is not comparable with a relaxation by hand.